Shiv Bari – Drone Shiv Temple

shivmandir-shivbari-himachalShiv Bari Temple in Una Himachal is situated on Hoshiarpur-Dharmsala road, near Gagret on the bank of river Swan (Sombhadra).

Shiv Bari, Shivbari or Drone Shiv Temple is said to be around 5000 years old. It is said to be one of the places where Lord Shiva is present in the form of a Pindi/ Shiva Lingam. The temple is said to have a rich history behind from the times of Guru Drone, Drona or Dronacharya. The temple and the dense forest around is once said to be the Drone Nagri(village of Guru Drona). He was the Guru of royal families, Pandavas and Kauravas. And this was the place where he taught the Pandavas and Kauravas.

Amidst a dense forest of the Village Ambota in Gagret, is this famous temple of Lord Shiva, Shiv Bari and just outside the forests, is a Shamshaan Area (Hindu Cremation area) on all 4 sides of this temple. Going towards outside of the temple, are 4 water wells on 4 sides made by the kings of Jammu and Amb after their wishes got fulfilled through this great place.

shiv bari gagret

It is a belief that the wood from these forests can only be used for cremation purposes, bhandara at the mandir or langar purposes, yagya purposes in the temple or for the use of sadhus and yogis in the temple only. If it is used elsewhere and else how is punished by Lord Shiva.

Shri Bhagat Ram Shastri ji’s ancesters have been taking care of this temple and peripheral area for decades. The Shivratri Utsav at this temple is still celebrated according to old rituals only and the 4 poojas are performed at night by the main Pandits themselves. It was seen that during the worships and cleaning of the Jalahri and Shiva Lingam in the olden times by one of the ancestors of the present pandits, a white snake used to come out of the Jalahri and mounted on him and they kept worshipping or cleaning without any fear. It was probably their sheer faith or love towards Lord Shiva.

shiv bari

The idols(murtis) in the temple are very old. The idols of Lord Virbhadra, Swami Kartikeya, Ganesh ji, Kuber ji and the Jalhari and Shiva Pindi is approximately 5000 years old. There are various saints who have worshipped here and taken samadhis. The samadhis can be seen in the peripheral area along with hawan areas and few staying places for the SAINTS ONLY. The main samadhis are of: Mahatma Badev Giri ji, Mahatma Ichhya Giri ji, Mahatma Tameshwar Giri ji and Mahatma Ganga Giri Ji who is also considered the oldest and said to be still giving darshan to some. There is NO dharamsala or staying place for the common as there is a cremation ground all around this temple.

When you visit here, do get the water from the Jalahri sprinkled on you. This is the Main Prasad of Lord Shiva at this place. In the peripheral area you will find the samadhis of various Sadhus who meditated at this great place. People meet the pandits today with their problems for remedies or worships at this place. People contribute for the bhandaras at this mandir too.

There is a big fest/ mela organized down the open space towards the north at the Shivratri time. This place is often visited by many pilgrims on the way back from Mata Chintpurni Devi some 17 Kms away. We once met such a group at the temple who were enjoying and singing the songs of Shiva with great joy in the verandah of the temple. That group was Shri Chhinmastika Sewak Sangh, Lahori Gate, Amritsar.

How to Reach Drone Shiv Mandir temple – ‘Shivbari temple’, also known as Shiv Drone Mandir is around 1 km from Gagret Chowk on Gagret to Bharwain road is an ancient temple.Gagret is located at Jalandhar–Mandi National Highway (NH 70) and is 26 km from Hoshiarpur. District headquarters Una is 32 km from Gagret. Gagret is directly connected by roads with all nearby towns and villages. Its proximity to Punjab and preferred route from Punjab to Dharamshala, Mandi, Hamirpur, Kangra Districts. of Himachal Pradesh makes it a well-known town.

The temple is said to have a wealthy record behind from the periods of Expert Drone, Drona or Dronacharya. The temple and the heavy woodlands around is once said to be the Drone Nagri (village of Expert Drona).

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