Baba Basandi Temple

Baba Basandi TempleBaba Basandi temple is placed a top the Feti Dhar Hill in Bilaspur district in Himachal Pradesh, about 2km from Rohin Village. The shrine is dedicated to Basandi Ramand, a legendary saint who was from Barota Kanainta Village near Ghumarwin. Before Babaji transformed into a totally divine man, he use to work in the Police Department, but owing to some conflicts with an officer on the matter of worshipping God during duty hours, he resigned from his job. He commenced his meditation in a tiger’s grotto. It is generally apprehended that Babaji and the tiger were together in the lay for a substantial period of time. Another version goes that Anand Chand, the final king of Bilaspur state, was born to Raja Vijay Chand by the graces of the Baba. Locals hold Baba Basandi temple in elevated admiration and during Shivratri a fair is organised annually.

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